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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done Matwork Pilates before, but never Reformer. How is Reformer different?

Reformer Pilates is performed on a Pilates Reformer machine and is used to integrate dynamic and more intense exercise movements through resistance, applied with the use of springs. Reformer Pilates provides a much larger repertoire of exercises and is ideal for building strength and endurance while promoting good posture and joint stability. Reformer Pilates is also a great tool used in injury and pre and post-surgery rehab. Exercise intensity on the Reformer can be varied from one person to the next, this makes your workout specific to your individual fitness needs and goals. For a more in depth look at the difference between Reformer and Matwork Pilates check out our blog post here.

I am a beginner, how do I get started?

All new members will be required to attend a Reformer orientation class prior to attending your first class. In this class you will be shown the basics of Reformer Pilates to ensure you feel comfortable before your first group class. Your exercise physiologist or Pilates instructor will be able to guide you to the classes best suited for your fitness levels. For those wanting a little extra consider our PLUS membership option, this membership includes an initial one-on-one assessment which can be used to set goals, assess capabilities and offer personalised planning & guidance.

Do classes cater for all abilities?

Yes, our experienced instructors are highly capable of modifying exercises to suit all fitness levels. Our small group classes are capped at eight participants to ensure each participant gets the most out of every class through close supervision, instruction and technique correction.

What if I have injuries?

If you have a current injury or a history of muscular skeletal conditions it is recommended that you consult with one of our Exercise Physiologists prior to beginning a class. Your instructor will be able to guide you by modifying exercises to suit your needs. We also offer individualised programs that focus on current health conditions and or rehabilitation needs you may have. We encourage you to take advantage of our onsite Physio and Exercise Physiologists to assist you in your recovery and the attainment of your health goals.

How do I sign up?

All payments and contract sales are made via the website using the Membership page. This link will re-direct you to our payment platform MindBody. If you have an active MindBody account, use your current login details, if you are new to Mindbody, create an account to get started. Once logged in, you can purchase a membership via the “Online Store” button and follow the prompts.

How do I book a class?

Class bookings can be made through our website or via the MindBody app, this app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Simply choose the class you wish to attend and hit the “Book” button. Please note that this option will only be available for those with an active membership. If you wish to book a casual class this step will require payment for a single session.

What is the class cancellation policy?

We limit our class sizes to eight participants to provide you with the best possible instruction and experience during your session. If you wish to cancel your booking, please do this at least eight hours prior to start time, to allow space for other participants to attend the session. Late cancellation or no show may incur a fee which will be automatically deducted from your account.

I’m coming before work, do you have a shower on site?

Yes we do, the Pickering Place building that we are a part of has central shower and bathroom facilities.

Do I need to wear socks?

We ask that all participants wear Pilates socks when using the reformers, we have these socks available for purchase at the studio for $12.95.

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